Improving The Ability Of Special Ones To Communicate Properly And Lead Normal Lives

verbal behavior therapy

As parents you will all agree, these are the special ones in your lives. The day a first-born son arrives is said to be the proudest day of any father. And true to their nature, mothers dote on the children, quite literally, from cradle to grave. One of the most delightful moments in any couple’s lives is hearing their tiny one speak its first words. But this is also a time of extreme worry for those parents who have to wait a lot longer than average.

Their children cannot or will not speak. They are special but can be treated through a course of verbal behavior therapy provided by qualified and experienced occupational therapists with the appropriately required skills. Among those skills would be good parenting. Tough love is sometimes required to help a difficult child overcome his tantrums and stubbornness to not co-operate with loved ones. The frustration comes about as a result of not having the ability to put together the words that carry out the message on something felt or something needed.

And even when utterances come forth, it can be quite difficult for confused and distressed parents to understand what their special child is trying to say to them. But fortunately, they remain parents and they have that one quality that all good parents have. Make that two then. They have buckets of love and lots of patience. Fortunately, occupational therapists have these enduring and much-needed qualities too.

And all in good time, the young and troubled child will be able to speak just like any other on the playground. This little child’s life never needs to be a life on the battleground and there’s still plenty of time to enjoy a long and happy childhood.